Georgilas Cave House - A Greek Island Pink Hotel

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- Work Remotely -

For 2022 we have prepared a new experience only for you!..

Are you an employee working from home? Are you tired of working indoors?
Do you have the need to take a breather from everything?
Georgilas Cave House is here to assist you and provide a safe, comfortable and
fresh place while you are able to work remotely with efficiency!

Working & Productivity
There are plenty of indoor and outdoor areas where you can sit down with your laptop or books and be as productive ever; next to the pool; under the trees, and of course available WiFi. 
Workout & Energy
The property boasts ample spaces for any kind of health activity and  workouts. We also provide you with sufficient equipment to do so, including weights, dumbells, bars, yoga mats, among others.
Food & Cuisine
Enjoy the opportunity to taste Mediterranean cuisine with local, fresh and organic ingredients. There are several grocery stores and markets around the area with plenty of choices. Our hospitality is legendary and you can experience it first hand: we order from local taverns and restaurants and serve you at the safety of our castle houses.
Relaxation & Leisure
Comfort and relaxation is what we take pride in. Feel at home, relaxed and restful while working remotely at Georgilas Cave House. Add to this the serenity of the area and the beauty of the island of Naxos and you know you have found what is best for you. Inspiring, with wonderful views, vast spaces that are safe and most welcoming.
Activities & Entertainment
Naxos is the 10th largest island in Greece with a lot of  activities to choose from: swimming, snorkeling, water sports, kite surfing, mountain climbing on Mount Zas, among others.
Georgilas Cave House - A Greek Island Pink Hotel


My name is Anastasia Kritikou. I am the property's communications manager.

I am here to assist you in any way possible.

We can work together to create and exclusive reservation based on your needs and requests.

Feel free to contact me at:
or in my whatsapp +30 6932314049

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Georgilas Cave House - A Greek Island Pink Hotel
Georgilas Cave House - A Greek Island Pink Hotel

ADDRESS: Galini, Naxos 84300, Greece
PHONE (primary): +30 6932314049
PHONE (secondary): +30 6932314051
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