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Dear guest we are open for the year 2022 from April 27 to November 12, and we look forward to welcoming you!
- For the summer 2022 its  very easy to travel to Greece if you have been fully vaccinated:
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Summer 2022 ideas:

Each month in the Greek islands has each own unique vibe and depend on your personal interest what is the best for you!

- April & May are the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer, nature is fresh and bloomed, sea is calm and beautiful, while the weather is cool with average temperature  around 22 °C during day hours and around 16 °C during night hours. April & May are the best months of people who love nature and relaxation and/or exploration.

- June & September are 2 out of the 4 mean Summer months in Greece; the other 2 being July and August. In particular, they have two major advantages: (1) The Greek islands during these months give you the full Greek island Summer experience without being overcrowded. (2)The average temperature is not too hot, it's around 27 °C during day hours and around 19 °C during night hours. June & September are ideal for those who wish to experience to the fullest the Greek island Summer experience in great comfort.

- July & August are the heart of the Greek Summer. It's the pick of the season. They are the most summery months, however Greek islands are overcrowded during this period and temperature is hot; it's around 34 °C during day hours and around 24 °C during night hours. These months are ideal months for the classic summer breaks with family and friends.

- October & November is a few degrees cooler than September (around 22 °C during day hours and 16 °C during night hours). It's similar to May; so, a jacket for the night walks is recommended. October is the perfect month for exploring and experiencing different activities!  November may have few rainfalls (2-3 rainfalls for few hours during the whole month on average) and it is the perfect month for relaxing and experiencing the contact with nature! 

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Georgilas Cave House - A Greek Island Pink Hotel
Georgilas Cave House - A Greek Island Pink Hotel

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